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Expression, Respons and Dialog of Sympathy


klik link diatas untuk mendapatkan power point yang berisi ekspresi, respon serta dialog dari sympathy

semoga bermanfaat 🙂



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Expression  of sympathy :


  • I’m so sorry to hear that
  • ·I’m awfully sorry about……
  • ·Oh, how awfully
  • ·Oh, dear !
  • ·How pity you are !





  • It’s okay
  • No problem
  • Thanks
  • I’m fine, it’s okay thank you


Dialog of sympathy :

Afgan               : Hey, I have a bad news

Asraf                : What’s news?

Afgan               : You know that? David has lost contact with his friend

Asraf                : I’m awfully sorry about information it.

Afgan               : I think he will be fine.


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