The Rabbit and The Turtle

24 Mei

Once upon a time there was a rabbit. The rabbit was walked at the park and got rest. At that time the rabbit saw the turtle was walked so slowly.

The rabbit went to the turtle and say hello to the turtle.

Rabbit : “ Hi Sir turtle, why you walked so slow? “

Turtle  : “ Exactly I am not walking now, but I am running ”

Rabbit : “ Hahaha, what did you say? Running is like that? Running is like this ”

Rabbit was ran so fast, and make the turtle shocked and got angry at the same time.

Turtle  : “ Sir rabbit, you’re so arrogant, Let’s have a race ”

Rabbit             : “ have a race? With you? Hahaha you’re a dirty, a dull turtle, a slow turtle ”

Turtle : “ I can win ”

Rabbit : “ Okay, Okay, lets go ”

And then they run, that rabbit was fast he left turtle behind in no time.

Rabbit : “ Hahaha, catch me if you can ”

Turtle just smiled.

Then rabbit saw a restaurant.

Rabbit : “ I’m hungry. But turtle was slow I have time for dinner “

Rabbit ate a delicious meal of fruit, cheese, and cake.

Turtle still run. He run and he run.

Turtle  : “ Run run run “

After rabbit felt full. He run away from the restaurant. But he felt tired.

Rabbit : “ So tired. I just have a few minutes of sleep then I run again “

Not far from rabbit, turtle was running.

Turtle  : “ sst.. he is sleeping. I believe I can win ”

Suddenly, rabbit woke up. He jump up he ran faster than before. But he was to late.

Rabbit : “ Oh my god! What a shame! I’m a loser “

Turtle  : “ I think your personality like arrogant make you failed “

Rabbit : “ Okay okay “

Rabbit felt embrassed. He ran away from the turtle.


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