Technological Hospital In The World

19 Feb

Montefiore Medical Center

What is more valuable and deserve high quality health care of the life of an innocent child? This is especially noticeable when your own child, and as a parent, you will not feel right unless you know that everything that could be done was done to help save the life of your child. That’s why Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, located in Bronx, New York, has been considered by the medical industry as a children’s hospital the most technologically advanced nation. Built in 2001, $ 120 million dollar hospital children can accommodate 106 overnight patients at a time and can treat your child to practically anything that might go wrong.


St Olavs Hospitals

Located in Trondhiem, Norway, St Olavs Hospital has been hailed as one of the hospitals of the most technologically advanced in the world. The hospital is expected to increase productivity by 26 percent in 2015 without any serious strain on resources. Their secret? New high-end internet technology is making waves in European health care scene. When they call it, it was “A single, converged network Internet Protocol that increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase the potential for integration of applications and services.” St Olav’s Hospital currently services over 400,000 patients a year, and that number will only rise as the new system improves.

Helford Clinical Research Hospital

Founded in 2005, Helford Clinical Research Hospital is breaking new ground when it comes to high-tech treatments for patients suffering from life-threatening illness. The new facility allows staff to provide patients with the highest levels of comfort, care and expertise, while at the same time supporting the collaboration between caregivers, physicians, and clinical researchers smooth and effective.


Upper River Valley Hospital

In today’s world, not only have advanced technology and up to date, but in many areas, it also helps to be environmentally friendly! At the end of 2007 when the facility opened in New Brunswick, Canada, quickly became jealous of all health care professionals throughout the region for good practices extraordinary blend of technology and environmentally friendly, such as “paperless electronic clinical documentation system,” which allows providers health services to record and process information about the patient without the use of pen or paper.

Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital

Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital of Clark County, Washington, was referred to the hospital’s most technologically advanced ever built in the Pacific Northwest. Function of almost all paperless facility, with state of the art system is planned for computerized bedside registration, fully electronic record keeping and online order entry for physicians. The facility will also feature Agility Healthcare Solutions AgileTrac solution and technology infrastructure. This ground breaking system will track, manage, measure and improve the utilization of 3500 pieces of mobile medical equipment at the facility to save the life of optimal use!

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